The Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program was made for businesses, created by business leaders and overseen by the organizing committee. The Pennsylvania Environmental Council and the PenJerDel Council endorse it. The Green Business Program and website are maintained by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.

"Skidmutro’s commitment to sustainability drives our search for clients with like-minded initiatives and has helped keep us up during the economic down-turn. We strive everyday to work in a sustainable way to support our community and our planet."
- Sierra Skidmore, Owner


Companies across the Philadelphia metropolitan area are making a public promise to change their daily business practices to reduce impacts on the environment. The Green Business Program's commitment focuses on a checklist of green operational practices designed for office users. Once a key company leader has signed the commitment, the company will be ranked as Basic, Silver, and Gold based on the number of green practices it has adopted.


Green business practices save money and benefits the environment. If implemented properly, they reduce energy consumption, water use, waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions. By participating in the Green Business Program, your company becomes part of a metropolitan Philadelphia—and global—movement, and it will be recognized for its leadership. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to network with the leaders of other like-minded companies. There’s a lot to do, and many lessons to be learned and shared!

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